Soil: Nature’s Intestines

Fluffy RIP

Story by moi. Illustration by Georgina Reid.


There aren’t many things on this planet that could be considered half-living. Zombies perhaps, or the shrivelled shell of the once vibrant tomato plant that graces my balcony (I have since lost hope of a full resurrection). But soil – the trampled, paved, mentally discarded substance beneath our feet is a half-living being. It’s both alive and inert, the nexus between the biotic and abiotic worlds. Soil runs the engine room of biological reincarnation, turning one living being into the next.

10 years ago I made a terrible decision. I bought my daughter a dog. Like most puppies, Fluffy started out cute – furry little ears and face, tiny legs and paws, a cute little pink tongue. She would burp and…

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Banking On Soil - A Thought Experiment

December 17, 2016