The Clever Fish

The Clever Fish is a story for anyone who has ever had to make a tough decision. (Note: it is targeted at adults, not children). Fish studied, trained, ignored the doubters, and despite the challenges, climbed a tree. But up near the top, Fish experiences the common but powerful crisis – a decision crisis.

“What’s at the top that I so badly want?

Prizes, fulfillment, what started this jaunt?”


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Gardening 101 : Soil The Foundation

Plant problems start in the soil. Working with Australia’s best land managers revealed two lessons: they took excellent care of the plants above the ground, but knew little about the soil beneath. Gathering over ten years of academic and commercial experience, this eBook presents my methodology for understanding and improving soil to the home gardener.

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Hatch and Dispatch: Tales and Advice from a Midwife

Midwife of 35 years and mother of three Vicki Bryce gives her advice to expecting mums. Using stories from the delivery suite, the book blends narrative and advice into a funny and practical resource. Vicki says, “I use the stories from my career to show you that every woman has the same concerns, the same questions, and makes essentially the same noise when pushing a baby out. Read about the hallucinations some women experience when using nitrous, what happens to tattoos and piercings during pregnancy (clue: dolphins become whales, Bambi becomes a moose), and do’s and don’ts for partners.”

Format: Paperback

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