New Release: The Clever Fish

Ever had a career crisis? So did this Clever Fish.

Everyone makes choices, and sometimes they don’t turn out how we hoped. Do we keep going? Or cut our losses and quit now? It seems to be human nature to keep going, even when we know it’s a bad idea.

I like the analogy of the failed cake. You decide to bake a cake. After hours of buying the ingredients, measuring, stirring, baking and decorating, you realise you forgot a key ingredient. The cake tastes terrible. But you feel compelled to eat it anyway because of the time, money and effort you put in.

Everyone questions their career choice at some stage. If you don’t, you must be doing something you truly love and hats off to you – you win life.

This Clever Fish decided it would climb a tree. It studied, practiced, and dammit – it climbed that tree.

But up near the top, Fish questioned its decision. Should it continue climbing? Why is it climbing at all? What will the other fish say if it quits? “I’ve already come this far, I’d be stupid to stop now.”

Click here to see the full book as an online flip book.  It is free and will remain so forever – you are welcome to share it with others who might enjoy it.

Pre-order hard copy now for delivery in late March.


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