Hatch and Dispatch: Tales and Advice from a Midwife

Expecting women are often overwhelmed by the thought of a new baby, terrified by Dr. Google, and bombarded by friends and family with ‘helpful’ advice. Whether by design or accident, pregnancy is a part of many women’s lives and should be an exciting time for mums-to-be. Written by a midwife who has given birth to three babies and delivered thousands more, Hatch and Dispatch collates 35 years of experience and anecdotes from the delivery suite. Humorous yet pragmatic, the book prepares women for their trip to the hospital or birthing center while assuring women it’s very hard to do the ‘wrong’ thing, and to trust themselves. Format: Paperback Free Shipping

By: Alisa Bryce


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I am a writer, scientist, and curious about the world around me.

My first piece of published work was in an anthology of poems – I was 11 and the poem was about horses. Since then I’ve written numerous magazine articles, blog posts, conference papers, guidelines, newsletters, hundreds of reports, instruction manuals, fieldwork manuals and white papers. I’ve also written one atrocious young adult novel that will only every be used as mulch for the garden, one book about soil, a short story about a cross dressing octopus, and a pregnancy advice book (co-authored with a midwife). I currently have two more books underway (watch this space).

If you need help with writing, whether on a white paper, website, or internal newsletter – please contact me.

Content Creation
Advertorials, website content, company descriptions, newsletters, articles, blog posts.
Technical Writing
Training guides, style manuals, research, literature reviews, user manuals, worksheets, white papers, and project descriptions.
Internal Comms
Strong communication within a business is essential. I can assist with announcements, intranet content, speeches, and project support.
Other Writing
Any other writing you need including books / book chapters booklets, annual report content, fact sheets, brochures.

New Release: The Clever Fish

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New Release: The Clever Fish
Banking On Soil – A Thought Experiment

Banking On Soil – A Thought Experiment

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Upcoming Book Release – The Clever Fish
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